4 Simple Tips to Choosing the Right Underwear for Regular Us

It is important when choosing underwear to differentiate between stylish underwear that you might wear once in a while when you want to look great, and the ‘regular use’ underwear that you wear on a day to day basis. Make no mistake there’s no reason why your ‘regular use’ underwear can’t look good too – but there’s definitely a different set of factors that you’re going to want to consider.

  • Comfort above and beyond everything else

Simply put when you are going to be wearing underwear all the time, it needs to be comfortable. If it is too tight it may chafe, and if it is too loose it could twist or bunch up underneath your clothes. Anything that feels comfortable against your skin should be the right choice.

  • Try to go for cotton underwear

Generally cotton underwear tends to breathe well, and it is also the easiest to wash (especially compared to silk or satin). Of course the thickness of the cotton is important as well – as if it is too thick it could bunch up and start to feel scratchy against your skin.

  • Snip off tags from underwear

Most underwear come with tags of some sort – often containing the size as well as some basic care instructions. However these tags can often feel uncomfortable and may even cause skin irritation – so you may want to just snip them off and store them somewhere if you feel you’ll need the instructions.

  • Replace underwear every 6 months

It may surprise you but many people tend to use underwear long after they should have replaced them – and as time goes by and the material loses its shape and is damaged it can get more and more uncomfortable. As a rule of thumb you should look to replace any item of underwear every 6 months or so – though you may want to replace bras every 3 to 4 months.

Assuming you follow these tips you should end up with the perfect kind of underwear for regular use: Comfortable underwear that feels good against your skin and doesn’t cause any sort of irritation. From time to time you may want to experiment though, and try different styles or materials to see how they feel – and you should certainly do so. Just keep in mind that comfortable underwear really is its own reward at the end of the day.

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