5 Recommendations for Choosing the Best Tailored Suit

Fashion is not only a matter of personal preference, it’s also important to get the right professional advice. Many men believe they know what looks best on them or what is more comfortable; however, “looking good” is no longer enough for some men. They look for clothing based on their own individual anatomy, to create a custom fit garment that makes them look perfect.

All bodies are different, and it’s only through consulting an expert tailor that you can fully understand exactly what will be most flattering for your body. So, here are some recommendations for how to choose the perfect tailored suit.

1. Find an expert

Search for a tailor with a lot of experience and excellent taste. Companies dedicated to the art of creating a bespoke suit of the highest quality have extensive knowledge and years of experience that will allow you to obtain a suit that fulfills all your requirements – a tailored suit perfect for your physique.

2. Choose the materials

It is very important to verify the quality of each of the elements that will make up your suit. Choose a fabric of excellent quality, according to the weather, the functionality of the suit, your specific taste and your body. Choose the accessories, colours, textures, and each material based on prioritising quality above all. This will ensure that the resulting suit will be perfect.

3. No extra centimetres

The most important aspect is the measurements that will be taken of your body. These then become the frame of reference for the exclusive garment that will be manufactured specifically for you. Make sure they measure every part of your body including: neck, arms, shoulders, legs, and take into account any physical idiosyncrasies you may have, in order to achieve a suit which fits you perfectly.

4. Your experience is the key

Help with the preparation of your suit by wearing some favourite garments for the designers. Select the ones that you consider make you look good; demonstrate the cut of trousers or jackets that you consider make your body look better. This will help the designers to understand your taste, and allow them to incorporate your own style into the finished suit.

5. The fitting

Try on each part of the suit and make sure that everything is to your liking. If you consider some modifications are needed, ask them to adjust it wherever required. Feel free to make any suggestions; one of the great advantages of buying a bespoke suit is that you should always be satisfied with every part of the process.

A bespoke suit isn’t just about looking the best that you can; it’s also a matter of exclusivity, and having a hand in its creation, combining the measurements and the exact cuts that make your body look amazing, and to produce a finished garment which looks harmonious and beautiful.

Image: TimothyEverest.co.uk

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