6 Quick Tricks to Shave off Years with Makeup

Wish you could turn back the clock and make your face look 10 years younger? Well, you might not be able to turn back the clock, but here are a few make up tricks that can make you look younger in minutes.

#1 Warm Makeup
Experts all agree that using a foundation, which is a bit more yellowish warms up the skin. We’re not talking screaming yellow, just something with hint of yellow. The reason? The warmer you skin looks, the younger it will look. Lighter is always going to look younger. Avoid neutral, tan or brown tones.

#2 Click Pen Concealer
Stay away from a heavy concealer. The best concealer for aging eyes is one that is lightweight. Also, stay away from cream concealers and instead use one in the click pen form

#3 Skip the Powder
While most of us believe its best to use powder to set makeup, it actually magnifies wrinkles and lines in the skin.
If you can’t give up powder, try switching to a sheer translucent powder or a mineral-based one, which illuminates and brightens the skin.

#4 Make Your Eyes Look Bigger
Eyes that look bigger, look younger. Make sure to curl eyelashes, then use the blackest black mascara to make your eyes look big and bright. A shimmery, light color eye shadow makes eyes look brighter, and don’t forget light highlights just below the brow.

#5 Make Your Lips Look Fuller
Using a clear lip gloss in the middle of both of your lips makes them look fuller. The shimmer in the gloss picks up light to boost the idea of a plump pout.

#6 Make Yourself Blush
Swipe a flush of bright pink on the cheeks. Make sure to use bright colors. A healthy flush on the cheeks makes even a tired face look refreshed.

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