Do Your Nails Change with The Seasons?

Majority of women would answer “no” to the question above. How is that even possible, right? Unless you paint your nails with a different nail polish color, there is no way to get your nail color change along with the season. But believe it or not, this is possible.

There’s a regular nail polish with a regular color, and then there’s heat changing nail polish that changes color with heat. With the latter, changing your nail color with the season has become possible.

How Does a Heat Changing Nail Polish Work?

Heat changing nail polish works the same as mood rings do. This type of nail polish changes color with your body’s temperature. If your body temperature rises, your nails will change colors.

There are many factors that affect the temperature of your body, including the weather and even your mood swings. Let’s take summer as an example. During the summer, your nails will look different under the hot weather. This goes the same if you soak your nails in a hot water. Moreover, there is a scientific connection between body temperature and mood swings. When you feel anxious, your body temperature will rise and so your nail polish will change colors.

How Heat Changing Nail Polish is Applied

There is no special way to apply heat changing nail polish. You can simply apply it to your nails the way you do with regular nail polish. If you go to a salon, the staff will probably use their own techniques to apply this type of nail polish. Nonetheless, you actually do not need the help of a salon professional to achieve color changing nails. You can apply this type of polish by yourself and get the same results. Moreover, if this is your first time to apply nail polish on your nails, you might want to use some tips to do the thing. Here are some tips on how a heat changing polish is applied to your precious nails:

  1. Apply two coats to your nails.

Just like how you apply a regular nail polish, you will also need to apply two coats of the product to your nails. However, experts suggest that before you apply the second coat, give it a time to dry a bit. To save time from waiting, you can apply the second coat after applying the first coat to all of your nails.

  1. Use a topcoat polish to add a glossy effect.

A top coat polish will not only give your nails a glossy effect but will also make them more durable and long-lasting.

  1. Test the change.

To see the color changing the effect of your nails, do a testing. To test, use a hair blower to blow on your nails with heat. However, be careful when doing this as your nails might still be too wet and they might get damaged by the impact of the blow. When doing this, don’t put the blower too near to your hands. Maintain a 15 to 20-inch distance.

Final Thoughts

If you want a more exciting nail look, you definitely need to try heat changing nail polish. It’s like getting two nail polish colors at the same time.

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