How to Straighten Hair: Blow Drying versus a Flat Iron

Knowing how to style your hair, while still maintaining its health, can be challenging if you aren’t sure what your best options are. In fact, chances are high you’ve probably come across the old blow dryer versus flat iron debate and wonder which is better for your hair.

If you want slick, sleek, and shiny hair, that also happens to be super straight, there are a few options available. Some people find that blowing drying their hair with a round brush gives them the straight hair they’re seeking; while others find that using a pro tool such as the T3 tourmaline flat iron gives them their desired look.

But how do you know which one is the best one for straightening your hair?

Well, there is definitely a difference between the two. And, much like a good accessory, it’s good to know what you’re doing so you know you look your best.

Blow Drying Hair for a Straightened Look

Blow drying your hair using a pro hair dryer, while frequently running the brush of your choice through it, is an exceptional way to straighten your strands and keep them smooth.

Not to mention, blow drying your hair gives your roots a little extra volume. This is great for those that have hair that sits heavy and tends to lay extra flat, especially after being straightened.

Blow drying your hair controls the formation of hydrogen bonds in each strand of hair as it dries. In other words, it makes holding your freshly dried hair’s shape a whole lot easier, which means your straightened hair will likely last longer. It’s also a good technique to apply to your hair before your jump into using a flat iron.

That said, drying your hair with a blow dryer is a strategy for making wet hair dry, and curly hair less curly. But, if you happen to have really curly hair, simply blow drying it is probably not going to cut it if your desired look is super sleek and straight hair.

Using a Flat Iron for Straight Hair

On the other hand, flat irons are specifically designed to turn most hair straight, regardless of its original state. This is highly appealing to those with super curly and hard to tame hair.

In the past, flat irons were made with metal plates, which after prolonged use on your hair would become extremely damaging. However these days, flat irons are made with plates of tourmaline, ceramic, and titanium, all of which promote keeping the moisture in without burning your hair.

In addition, one of the great things about using a flat iron is that, much like a good blow out, if you lift your hair up slightly while pulling your hair through the iron, you can get some much needed volume and make your hair look more bouncy and less flat.

That said, you should never attempt to flat iron wet hair, even if using a professional grade tool. You should also avoid clamping down on one section of hair for too long and using the highest heat setting just because you can. And don’t forget to use heat protectant to make sure your locks are never damaged.

In the end, both hair dryers and flat irons are good for straightening hair. However, if you’re looking for a true winner, we have to stand behind a good old flat iron. It’s designed to straighten even the curliest of strands, protects your hair from excessive damage, and can achieve the sleek look you’re after in no time.

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