How to use the tunic with this autumn’s smart layered look

One of this autumn’s big trends is the smart layered look. It has never been more popular to dress in layers and mix materials, colours and patterns by mood and personal style. At the same time, this style is practical, because you can easily add or remove layers according to the weather and temperature.

To create a smart layered look, a tunic is the ideal piece of clothing. It is comfortable to wear, available in many beautiful colours and patterns, and works well with leggings, pants, tops, cardigans, jackets and scarves, so you can easily create your own personal style. Find tunics here, and read on for tips on how to best use the tunic in your new layered look.

Play with colours and patterns

If you are going for an understated and calm look, go for layers in neutral tones that complement each other. If you want to add a little more to the look, you can choose one layer in one of the season’s bright colours, and keep the rest neutral. For example, use a tunic with a warm and golden print together with black trousers and a cardigan. It’s also beautiful to use tone-on-tone colours and patterns which you achieve by choosing from the same colour palette across the different layers. Alternatively, a mustard-yellow tunic will work with a patterned cardigan and a black and yellow striped scarf.

Combine different materials

A very nice contrast can be created by mixing and matching different materials with each other. For example, a tunic in a pure viscose print is nice with slim canvas trousers and a thin knitted cardigan or bouquet jacket. You can also wear most layers in viscose and then break the look with a thin-knit cardigan.

Choose thin materials

Go for thin knitwear, delicate viscose tops, soft jersey cardigans and light scarves when adding layers to your tunic. That way, the contrast will be just right. Also, use a belt or wear a gathered jacket over the top to emphasise your figure and create a beautiful silhouette.

Use both loose and narrow fitting clothes

When creating a layered look, it is also important to combine loose items with narrower silhouettes. Use narrow pants or leggings under your loose tunic, and wear a figure-hugging knitted piece on top. If your tunic is tighter in its cut, it will go well with an oversized cardigan or looser jacket.

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