Kabbalah Jewelry – Mixing beauty and spirituality

Jewelry has always held a special place in special religions. Precious metals were shaped into powerful symbols and they always seemed to represent something grander than humanity. Arguably, modern jewelry has lost some of that spirituality, but there are still artists who try to preserve the old values.

Kabbalah jewelry is one of the best examples. Kabbalah is an old school of taught originated in Judaism and it tries to explain the relationship between the infinity and mortal beings. Kabbalah tries to discover the real fulfillment in our lives and the hidden mechanism behind our universe.

With such strong values, Kabbalah soon became a source of inspiration, which led to different art forms that tried to encapsulate its teachings. Jewelry artists were some of the most successful ones, and right now there are plenty of items that use Kabbalah symbols. Let’s try to understand the meaning of Kabbalah and see how jewelry managed to replicate it.

Kabbalah’s origins

We do not know the exact origin of Kabbalah, but experts managed to trace it back to the Torah. The Kabbalah was developed from Jewish thought and they were first put into writing in the 13th century. It continued to evolve and now there are multiple people who accept this faith.

Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah Jewelry has become increasingly popular as more people began to discover this religion. Kabbalah Jewelry act as protection and they all come with different symbols that have different energies. Here are the most popular symbols and prayers that you will find on jewelry:

  • Shema – A crucial prayer for Judaism, that is meant to protect the wearer. It can be found on all kind of items, especially on rings.
  • The Travelers Prayer (The Tefillat Haderech) – also works as protection, but this time for people who travel. The prayer should keep the traveler safe for the entire journey.
  • The 72 names of G-d – G-d has 72 names and each name is made out of three letters. They come from 3 verses from the Exodus book and each one contains 72 letters. By placing the first letter of each verse, followed by the second one and so on, 72 x 3 combinations are produced and each combination has a special meaning of its own. For example:
    • Hey, Kuf, Mem is mean to help the wearer overcome depression and feel better
    • Alef, Lamed, Dled protects the wearer against any kind of bad spirits and evil eyes
    • Mem Hey and Shin is the symbol of wellbeing and health
    • Samech, Aleph Lamed is meant to bring success and wealth
    • Kaf, Lamed and Yud should help with any kind of fertility problems
  • The Ben Porat Yosef Alei Ayin blessing is the one that was bestowed upon Joseph by Jacob before he died and it protects the wearer against the Evil Eye, and it is a symbol of prosperity and fertility
  • The Star of David is usually considered a Jewish symbol and it is created as a reminder that G-d rules over the universe in six directions.

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