Learn How to Preserve Your Jewish Jewelry

For many centuries jewelry has been a way of expressing our most profound beliefs as well as a method keeping close to us powerful symbols. Nowadays, jewelry cares more about the aesthetical value, but there continue to be artists who create pieces that have a meaning.

A good example would be religious jewelry. Even in this modern world, there are still many people who continue to care about traditions and old values and they express that with their jewelry. However, wearing a piece of jewelry that has an important significance also means that it is more special and you have to take more care of it. Keeping your jewelry in good shape can be a bit tricky, but today we are going to share with you some easy tips that will make the task less difficult.

Gold and silver jewelry

Gold and silver jewelry are more expensive but they will also offer you quality. You can find some beautiful pieces in jewelry store, or even online if you want something more personalized, like Jewish Jewelry, but you should also know that they require special care.

You will need to clean them at the end of each day with a cleaning cloth and once a week use a special mixture in order to clean them better. You will need to mix a few squirts of mild liquid soap with ½ cup of warm water. Simply let the jewelry soak for a few minutes, then rinsed them and let them dry. If you own sterling silver jewelry you should also use a silver polish for them.

Keep them safe

You may think that safekeeping only means that you should protect your jewelry from thieves, but you would be wrong. It is also important to keep your jewelry in a place where nothing can damage it. For example, if you keep too many items in a small box, they may get scratches when you move them.

Use a box that has a soft fabric inside so they will be protected. You could also purchase antitarnish strips since they can protect your jewelry from oxidants so that they will always be in a perfect shape.

Take your jewelry when you are getting into water

We know that it might seem harmless to get with your jewelry in the tub, especially if they are made out of resistant materials such as the ones from Kabbalah Jewelry. However, water is not the only threat, and your shampoos and soaps might be more damaging than you think.

You do not want your bracelet or earrings ruined by the chemicals in your bath, and the same thing goes for pools and Jacuzzis. Chlorine can be very harmful for jewelry and it can discolor it if it is exposed to it for too long.

Simply take your jewelry off and place it somewhere safe and you can put it back right after you get out. It only takes a minute and it could save your jewelry.

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