Misconceptions about Luxury Watches and the Facts Behind Them

You might have second thoughts when asked to buy a luxury watch. Even if you can afford to pay the cost, you don’t want to throw away your money on a fashion accessory. You also think it won’t be worth the price. These are the common misconceptions about luxury watches and the truth behind them to convince you to try buying one.

They’re the same as other cheaper watches

It couldn’t be farther from the truth. Luxury watches use top quality materials and gems. They are strong and durable materials that will last for several years. The material also enhances the time telling capability of the watch. Hence, it will only provide accurate time. You won’t experience the same error that could happen with ordinary and cheap watches. Given the durability and accuracy of luxury watches, you can say that they’re worth the price.

They depreciate

Unlike cars, jewellery appreciates. Since luxury watches contain minerals and gems, they increase in value over time. It means that if you eventually decide to sell your watch, it’s okay. You can still make money from it. It’s tough spending a huge amount if you buy such a watch, but you can recover it in the future. At that point, you will have already enjoyed the watch and won’t mind letting it go.

They’re too expensive

Like any other products, you can choose from different models, sizes, designs and styles. It means that not all luxury watches are of a similar price. There’s a price range. You can choose the lower end if that’s how much you’re willing to spend. Even if it’s not as expensive as the other models, you’re still bringing home a luxury item.

Replacement parts are hard to find

In contrast, it’s easier to find replacement parts for branded and high-quality watches rather than ordinary brands. For instance, you can order Omega leather straps online if you need one. You don’t have to look for these parts in local stores. The chances that these watches will break instantly are low. Even if they do, repairing them is easy.

Only rich people deserve these watches

Just because you’re not as wealthy as other people doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to buy a luxury watch. You can still buy one if you think you deserve one. You can give it to yourself as a reward for hard work. Besides, given the value of the watch, you can pass it on to the next member of your family as an heirloom. Anyone would be glad to receive a luxury watch. It’s even practical for you to invest in a watch that doesn’t depreciate. If money is tight in the future, you can sell it.

Now that you understand these realities, it’s time to reconsider buying luxury watches. You keep dismissing the idea of buying one because you think it’s too expensive. Given the benefits of having one, you won’t mind the high price. You can keep investing in luxury watches if you have enough savings.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/hNoSCxPWYII

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