Must-have pieces of jewelry you should own by the time you’re 30

As the fashion experts keep saying less is more, if you follow the latest trend, you’ll find that more is still indeed more. Both celebs and the It-girls are all becoming extremely choosy about their jewelry choices and they are also becoming personal and distinct. From gold big hoops to dainty anklets and pendants which layer down from your chin to collarbone, the rings and bracelets that are being used will relate an all different story altogether. Investing in all the jewelry pieces can definitely earn you a lot of mileage regarding whatever you wear every day.

Did you ever wish to know the list of must-have jewelry which all women should own by the time they reach the age of 30? These days buying online jewelry has become a trend as most of the girls keep going through latest trends and offering things online. While you can buy jewellery online here, you need to know the few basic things you should own. Here are some of them.

  • A pair of diamond earrings or stud

The most vital piece is a pair of earrings and what we mean by a pair of stud is definitely a diamond one. There’s no doubt about the fact that a diamond stud is the most elegant and classic and versatile earring one can wear everyday. The best part of these earrings is that you can wear it as a backdrop for everything that you wear and you can successfully get a polished and finished look with them.

  • Hoop earrings

The second item to invest your money in is hoop earrings. Especially in the US, this particular style of wearing big hoop earrings is bit more stylish and casual. Your hoops can be metal hoops or diamond ones or even they can be decorated with different colors. Depending on the size of your face and the hairdo that you do, the size of the hoop will depend.

  • A cocktail ring

All women should have a great cocktail ring as this is that piece of ring which is more like a standout item which can show your personal style. It needn’t be oversize, though most people think of such rings as bigger items. Ensure that the color of the ring is the key as it should make you stand out in the crowd. No matter what outfit you wear, it should work as the centerpiece of your outfit.

  • A long necklace

It is true that long necklaces have actually replaced the short pendants but thankfully these days, anything that you wear will work. It is also the extreme and unique beauty of the long necklaces which makes it go with everything and transition from day and night. During an evening party, you can make it shorter by doubling the length and you may even layer the longer necklaces with pendants.

So, how many among them do you have in your closet? Make sure you get all of them so that you can be the owner of the few must-have jewelleries by the time you’re 30 years of age.

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