The Accessories Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

Clothes don’t complete a wardrobe; accessories are the items that truly finish an outfit off. They can take a simple look and elevate it into a stylish fashion statement, or transform a day dress into gorgeous eveningwear. Without accessories, your whole outfit could fall flat. Your wardrobe simply won’t be complete without these essential accessorising items.

  1. An evening purse: You could have a closet full of handbags but still be unprepared for a night out if you don’t have a gorgeous clutch. When you’re dressed up to the nines and ready to hit the town, a big leather bag will only weigh you down. Shop for clutch bags sydney and find a purse that’s easy to hold on a long night and stylish enough to complete a gorgeous evening look. The purse should be compact enough that you can fit all of your essentials inside and carry it comfortably.
  2. A leather waist belt: Belts are one of those accessories that you can keep in your closet for years and wear with thousands of different outfits. A small leather waist belt should be your top choice – they quickly cinch in your waist and can take a drab-looking dress and turn it into a sexy, flattering look. Pick a simple, classic style that’s adaptable enough to be worn with plenty of outfits.
  3. A statement necklace: It’s great to have a few different styles of necklaces in your jewellery box, but a statement necklace may be the most important. This could be any bold, colourful, or interesting necklace that will instantly add a touch of personality and style. You can pair it with a little black dress or an otherwise plain top to dress up your look.
  4. A cuff bracelet: Cuffs are versatile and fashion-forward, and they come in a ton of different designs, so it’s easy to find one that suits your personal style. Wear an eye-catching cuff with a dress to add glamour, or wear it with a band t-shirt for rock and roll edge.
  5. A floppy boho hat: Floppy hats are universally flattering, and seriously handy for keeping the sun out of your eyes on hot days. Choose a black one for versatility and wear it with your favourite sundresses on summer days for a vintage cool look. Hats are also handy when you’re having a rough hair day and want to cover up the mess.
  6. Luxury flats: Don’t throw all of your money at a pair of high heels for special occasions and then trek around in uncomfortable, shabby flats in the daytime. Balance it out by investing in a pair of luxurious flats. You can opt for quirky designs if you want a more unique look, or keep it simple with plain black for quick and easy comfortable style. They’ll stay in great shape for much longer than a cheap pair, and your feet will thank you.
  7. A colourful handbag: A big leather bag is always useful, particularly if you’re the type of girl who likes to lug the whole world with you in your purse. Pick a bright coloured bag made with soft leather and simple design features and you’ll have an easy way to brighten up the look of any outfit. Consider investing in this fashion accessory – good quality always wins.

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