Things to Avoid When Planning an Engagement

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You want to ensure that if you ask her hand in marriage, she will say yes. It’s not easy. You have several factors to consider. You also don’t wish to take the risk of asking her if it could lead to possible rejection. Once she says no, it’s not only the end of the proposal but maybe of your relationship. You want to ensure that if you ask for her commitment, she will have a positive response. These are some things to avoid as you plan the engagement. 

Being a perfectionist 

Sure, you want the engagement to be perfect. You want everything to fall into place. However, you can’t expect the results to be exactly the way you planned. Some details might not work out, but it’s okay. You don’t want to ruin the moment just because some of the details you expect to happen failed to materialize. Some aspects are better off as impromptu or unplanned.

Consulting with a lot of people

It’s understandable if you’re not the type of person who is excellent in planning events. Not everyone can deal with big occasions like an engagement. Therefore, it’s okay if you will consult with your friends and ask for help. However, you have to limit the number of people to consult with. Otherwise, it will show just how much you don’t know your girlfriend. You don’t look too confident enough to ask her hand in marriage, and you have to ask a lot of people first. If you know her well, you don’t need to consult with a lot of people. Besides, you also run the risk of exposing the details to your girlfriend if you share it with a lot of people.

Inviting her friends to the proposal

It might be a sweet gesture if you decide to invite her friends to come and witness your proposal. The problem is that you don’t know yet if she will say yes. It will be even worse if she says no, everyone was there to witness it. It will be the most humiliating thing to happen in your life. Even if you’re confident that she will say yes, it’s best to keep this moment private. It’s a celebration between the two of you, and you can inform everyone else later.

Not giving enough attention to the engagement ring

You might think that your girlfriend is shallow, and the ring doesn’t matter to her. Perhaps, she is a simple lady, and she won’t mind if you give her a simple ring. However, it also shows that you don’t value her much. If you want her to feel special, you need to find the perfect ring. It’s also a way of showing that you know her well, and you can find what she deserves. You can consider nature engagement rings as an excellent choice for an engagement ring. 

In doing all these things, you can’t guarantee that the proposal will turn out well but at least you will have set it all out to help achieve a positive outcome. Make sure that you only ask her if you know that is the right time to do so.

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