Top Celebs Who Love to Gamble

It comes as no surprise that gambling has fast become one of the most favoured past times among top celebs. Some might say it’s because celebs can afford the high stake buy ins and are chasing the adrenaline, while others will tell you about celebs who have become addicted to gambling and have publicly spoken out about their addiction.

What does come as a surprise, however, is how many top celebs love to gamble and how many of those are women. The latest news around town is that the WSOP will see the faces of many celebs, of which most will have a history with casinos. We can only wait to see for ourselves who will venture to the middle of the Nevada desert to witness one of the biggest poker events held in Las Vegas.

Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore

These two famous celebrities were spotted hanging out at Paris’s fashionable Couture Casino playing a game of roulette. In fact, Kristen Stewart has a few successful strategies which she proves at the tables by having a stellar reputation for winning. The actress has been spotted at a few casinos which only but confirms her love for gambling.

Rita Ora

The famous singer and actress has also been spotted at the elegant casino in Paris, alongside other famous celebrities, all of which gamble in style.

Lilly Collins

Lilly Collins, an attractive model and actress, has also been known to dabble in a few table games at prestigious casinos around the world. The beauty has been spotted at top land-based casino establishments throughout the recent years.

Charlie Sheen

Everyone should be familiar with Charlie Sheen’s gambling addiction by now as the star has confessed his obsession with casino table games. Ex-wife, Denise Richards, has even claimed Charlie spends approximately $20 000 a week on sports betting and has been battling his addiction since being a youth.

Ben Affleck

Another star most would associate with gambling is Ben Affleck. In fact, the famous Batman actor has a long history of counting cards and is known to be extremely successful at the tables.

Pamela Anderson

This Baywatch star has been known to have a good hand at playing poker. She also has her very own video slots game created and based on her character in the blockbuster beach series. Try them at NetBet and stand the chance of winning real cash from a trusted online casino just as the celebs do!

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