Waist High Bikinis are in this Year, so Find Yours Online

Ladies with killer curves and fuller figures have been noticing a change recently. As the fashion industry is slowly becoming all-inclusive, there are more reasons than ever for plus-size gals to celebrate. Ever since plus-size model Ashley Graham was anointed cover girl for Sports Illustrated’s 2016 swimsuit issue, the attention has shifted to real girls with real curves. Ashley was posing in lots of bikinis, and you, too, can enhance your figure with trendy, waist high bikinis.

Plus-size models prove that there is a need for all body types to be celebrated, and hopefully that social advancement will continue every stylish season. Ashley walked down the runway with confidence during New York Fashion Week, and all eyes were upon her. Thanks to role models like Ashley, the selections in apparel have sky-rocketed for plus-size gals, thanks in part to online plus-size retailers. Shopping online for swimwear has offered women tons of amazing pieces to choose from — and a retailer like swimsuitsforall that caters exclusively to plus size shoppers, has all the bikinis you need. You no longer have to shop in person at a regular department store, only to find that there are hardly any swimsuit styles for fuller figures.

The consensus in the fashion world is that 
waist high bikinis are in this summer and we can instantly see why. The styling is retro-inspired and allows your feminine curves to look like the ideal hour-glass shape. In addition, you can cover up your belly and still show off a sexy bikini, allowing your legs to appear long and lean. Miami Swim Week featured lots of waist high bikinis in pretty prints, with added peek-a-boo cut-outs, sheer paneled fabrics and much more. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is a fan of the higher waist bikinis and was already showing them off last summer.

Online shopping for swimsuits, cover-ups and active wear is a breeze, because you can take your time looking over a huge selection of plus-size styling, fabrics and prices. Buying a swimsuit the modern way is simple with the click of your computer mouse. You don’t have to stand before bad lighting in an unattractive dressing room, wondering if the swimwear you’ve put on is the best you can find. Purchasing a swimsuit should be a fun, exciting and comfortable experience, and you get all that shopping online. Plus, you can see how the plus-size models look wearing the swimsuit you desire. Whether it’s a halter style, strapless or tankini set, glamorous high waist bikinis are making fashion headlines.

Now’s the time to step up for summer fashion. Full figure gals rock these styles the best, because the new swimwear fabrics hug your natural, ample curves. Shopping online for plus-size swimwear has never been better. It’s our turn to steal the spotlight, ladies. Show them what you’ve got.


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