Ways to Dress Up Your Car

Have you been feeling lately like your car has been looking a bit drab and lifeless? Do you ever wish that you could dress it up to look its best? Or maybe you are just in the mood for a change? Here are a few ideas to bring your car fashion to the next level and help your car look its snazziest.

  1. A proper gentleman should always have a mustache and so should your car! Whether you are a Ron Swanson-esque manly-man or you are totally embracing the hipster vibe, your mustache defines your look and who wouldn’t want your car to match? Car mustaches are available in all sorts of colors and styles, so you can find the right option to fit your own personal style. There are furry ones that can be tied to your car’s grill or vinyl decals that can be stuck onto your front bumper or hood. Just be sure you aren’t tying them places a defensive driving school would disapprove of.
  1. If you have a lady car, a mustache may not be the right fit for you. If having long, lustrous eyelashes is your cup of tea, you may want to get some matching false lashes for your car, so she can dazzle onlookers with her bright [headlight] eyes. An assortment of colors and styles are available, so you can the right set that is perfect for you and your car. Some even come pretty in pink and bedazzled, making a perfect statement about who’s car is the best compared to all the other peasant cars.
  1. If you have a bit of a naughty side and love the attention, this may be the option for you. If your car is feeling a tad bit risqué, you can always dress it up for some naughty times by adding on a car-sized thong to its backend. Your car will be sure to turn heads as it shows off the junk in its trunk.
  1. Show your holiday spirit by dressing up your car for alllll the holidays! Add a wreath or bow to your grill for Christmas (or dress your car up as Santa Claus), fly that American flag for 4th of July (or all year round because Amurrrica), put up heart decals for Valentine’s Day, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, eggs and bunnies for Easter, and turkeys for Thanksgiving! Dress it up for Halloween! Who said only people can wear costumes? The options are endless!
  1. You can also add your personal touch by adding alllll the stickers and decals to your ride! Do you have a huge family? Why not show the whole entire world by adding a decal of all one hundred of you, including you, your significant other, your four and a half kids, and all 10 of your cats and dogs because the family wouldn’t be complete without your furry friends and those who may not know, “Am I eligible to drive in Texas.”Of course, everybody knows that extra precautions must be taken if there you’re travelling with a baby. You

    must post one of those signs that say “Baby on Board” to make sure that everybody is extra safe around you. Otherwise, everybody will be driving crazy around you and will be crashing into you every chance that I get. If kids and family aren’t your thing, you can always get a decal mustache, as mentioned above, or maybe the logo from your favorite team because everybody must know what team you represent!

  1. If you are more outdoorsy, you may want to go with a more all-natural look for your car. Go off-roading and cover your car up with mud. Don’t wash it for months to show everybody what you two have been through together.

No matter whether you dress up or dress down your car, do whatever makes you happy and proud to drive it every day. It’s your car, so who cares what anybody else has to say.

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