What You Can Really Expect from Made to Measure Suits: Quality, Process, and More

The made to measure suit has come out in a big way, and even if it is only the newest style of making suits, it has already trumped ready to wear suits in the hearts of those who are serious about looking good in their suit. A made to measure suit is not exactly like a bespoke suit, but it isn’t as generic as a ready to wear suit, either. With a made to measure suit, you have something that adheres to your size and measurements, but not only this, you have the choice of fabric and style and design as well. But what else can you really expect from made to measure suits, especially in regard to quality, the process, and more? Here, your top questions are answered.

What makes it different from bespoke and RTW?

Here’s the thing – there has been some confusion between bespoke or fully-customised and made to measure, and some think that the two are one and the same. But while they are similar in some ways, meaning you can choose your fabric and style preferences, they are quite different in other ways. One significant difference between the bespoke suit and the made to measure suit is that the made to measure suit is created following a block pattern which is simply altered to suit your measurements, while a bespoke suit is created with an entirely custom-made pattern for the client.

The quality of a made to measure suit is definitely better than a ready to wear suit because it accommodates your measurements. Unlike a ready to wear suit which may be shorter in the sleeve length or longer on the torso, a made to measure suit fits your body. Its quality is higher than a suit that’s ready to wear and simply bought off-the-rack. Additionally, with made to measure suits, you can choose the fabric you want, and you can choose styles and designs such as the lapels or collars and other details.

What about the process of made to measure?

The process can leave some of us understandably confused, but it’s really easy when you think about it. One thing you should remember is that while a made to measure suit will take longer to make than a RTW suit, it will not take as long as a bespoke suit. The usual waiting time for a made to measure suit is around one to two weeks, based on the tailor as well as whether or not you are ordering for the first time. If you have already ordered before, the new order will be faster since they already have your measurements.

The process is simple – you can either visit an actual shop or an online shop, and one of the first steps is to choose your fabric and what kind of suit you would like, whether it’s a two-piece or three-piece suit, a shirt, a sport coat, and so on. You can then decide on the details such as the lining, the stance of the buttons and the actual buttons, the lapels, the front, the vents, and more. You can then submit your measurements (if doing so online) and wait for your suit to be created. Once it arrives, you can try it on, and if there are alterations, the tailor will work on it and then present you with the final product after a week or two.

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