4 Tips to buy glasses online and avoid getting ripped off

Three out of five need vision correction at some point of life. If you keep in mind the fact that there are many who are even born with poor vision, it makes sense when you get to know that all people might need correction of vision even later on in life. Losing proper vision are most probably the results of the huge time that is spent staring at computer and phone screens. Age is yet another factor which plays a vital role in losing focus and visibility.

Now that you have been detected with poor eyesight, what is the next step that you should do? You would definitely have to order your glasses. With the booming online sites like Glasses 4 U that sell prescription glasses, you too can order one online. Here are few tips to get the perfect glasses online.

#1: Choose a frame which suits your style and matches your daily activities

As long as using prescription glasses are concerned, the obvious use is to let you see better in your everyday life. When you buy a frame, you should not only make sure that it suits on your face but also caters to the kind of lifestyle that you lead. Since you’re buying online, you will be spoilt with choices and hence you will get to choose from a wide range of styles, fits, features and even more.

#2: The frame should complement the features of your face

One of the best ways in which you can purchase glasses online is by looking for a frame which is in perfect combination with the size and shape of your face. The frame should also be able to highlight the favorite features of your face. You can choose from round, oval, square or even heart share and select the one which looks best on your face.

#3: Refer to old glasses while buying new ones

Regardless of whether you love your old glasses, if it looked good on you, you can definitely use it as a reference to find the new pair for yourself. The fit and sizing should match with the new glass and only when you can get one that you can be satisfied about. Compare and contrast the glasses that you buy online along with your present ones.

#4: Understand the features of general lens

There are digital lenses which are an accurate method of lens manufacturing which has a goal of eliminating any kind of distortion. Then you have the light-reactive lenses which change color depending on the amount of light. Polarized lenses block light that enter from all angles. Know these before ordering one.

Therefore, if you’ve been detected with impaired vision, you need not worry about ordering your glasses. Follow the tips given above to choose the best ones online.

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