Biker Gear for a Safer and Comfortable Ride

Riding a bike can be as thrilling as any adventure sport but can be quite a fun when you hit the highways too. But there is a lot of balancing and focus needed while riding bikes as they are mostly two wheeled. That is why it is important to get the right biker gear that protects you and your bike from risks of getting injured. There are several accessories that not only protect the biker and his bike but make the ride more comfortable too. So when you are a planning a long ride or a road trip, plan it well with necessary biker gear.

One of the most important aspects of biker gear is your personal safety. And there are several accessories and apparel to suit various biking needs. Whether you are racing, going on a road trip or just cruising around a city, there is one for every need. One of the basis essential for a biker is a full face helmet that covers your head and your face with transparent shield to protect your face and eyes from wind and airborne particles, and your head from serious injuries in case of any accident.

Other accessories like riding gloves, jacket, hard shelled vest, knee and elbow pads, etc ensure complete safety and protection for your body while riding a bike. If you are hitting the road in a hot sun, you might want to consider buying a riding sun glasses that fits well inside your helmet. Or you can choose a helmet with a sun protection shield in the front too. Once you are done with clothing and accessories, another important thing to consider is a pair of biker boots. They not only offer protection for your feet but can be quite relaxing while riding long distance since they are usually equipped with soft cushion and a protective outer layer.

When you are going on a road trip to somewhere then you are sure to carry your luggage. So you can consider adding a luggage rack on the rear of your bike and use a cargo net to cover it for extra protection. You can choose from various sizes of these racks depending on the size of your luggage. And if you want some extra space to carry your personal stuffs like flash lights, food, drinks, your cell phones, iPad or even a laptop, then you can consider having biker saddle bags on either side of your rear seat. They usually come with water proof material to protect your valuables.

There are optional biker gears you can choose to carry with you. You can fit additional seat cushion if you want that extra comfort or have a passenger seat mounted on rear if you already do not have one. A toolkit including a tire air pressure checking device with an air pump is very essential too. And having a repair guide in case of emergencies can come handy when needed. You can also have a cell phone holder mounted on bike handle so you can access it easily or when you want to use maps on your smart phone.

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