Diamond Rings are No Longer Just for Engagements

The moment you think of diamond rings, you immediately think they are just for engagements. You don’t buy one if you are a single woman, but you wait for your partner to buy you one. The truth is that diamond rings are no longer just for engagements. If you want one, you can go ahead and buy it. In fact, you can use it on various occasions. Here are some of the best instances when you can wear a diamond ring.

Cocktail parties

Cocktail parties are usually about glitz and glamour. You want to look your best in a huge crowd. You want to be noticed and not just someone on the side whom no one is talking to. Entering that party in a statement dress plus a lovely diamond ring will most definitely make you the star. Be careful not to drink too much though or else you might lose your precious jewellery before reaching home.

Corporate meetings

As an empowered woman, you must show who the real boss is when you are in a corporate environment. Make sure that the way you dress will immediately command attention. By wearing something really stunning plus a sparkling diamond ring, you can easily get everyone’s attention. You can show to them that you mean business and this will make everyone listen to what you say.

First dates

This is a good idea, but you have to be careful. You might run the risk of telling your date that you are an “expensive” lover and you must have something of a diamond ring calibre before you can give your heart. If it is true, perhaps a diamond ring would give that signal. If not, then you need to be a bit subtle. However, if your goal is to look gorgeous in a sparkling way, it would be great to use a diamond ring.

Wear it on the plane

Do you know that there are instances when you can be moved to a business class seat even if you have booked economy? The attendants have to be picky as there are just 1 or 2 seats available. If you want an upgrade, then dress well. They usually choose those who are “elite” looking passengers to be moved to business class. If you dress well and have a diamond ring on your finger, it is possible that you will be given such a privilege. It is not a guarantee, but is worth the shot.

In short, if you love diamond engagement rings you don’t have to rely on being given one by your future fiancé. If you want a ring, you can buy one for yourself. You deserve it.

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