Going To A Broadway Show And Pay Less

New York is a sleepless city. But it falls in mid-morning lethargy or hiding to take a mid-afternoon nap. New York is inexhaustible and conform to it without giving space to fatigue. We are there and we would not sleep, we see it all, anytime.

So a visit is never enough and nothing ever seems complete: say you have not visited New York if you have not jumped on the Empire State, if it went through the Times Square, if you came to see the Statue of Liberty, if not walked over the bridge to Brooklyn, if you went to the Moma, if not a musical saw. Many if not. And sometimes, not enough time for everything and the budget has room for both.

I’m talking a lot right?

The truth is that I was in New York five days and among all the things I wanted to do, I thought I could not see a musical. They are expensive, yes. But hey, it’s New York and all the colored lights are an invitation to take those unique gift ideas, even more so if you get a ticket to a Broadway musical for less than half. How? I’ll tell you once.
In Times Square, beneath the famous red stairs, right at the junction of Broadway and 47th Street, is tiny TKTS office where you get tickets to any Broadway show, for much less than half, even with Hopefully, for the day of the presentation. They show you a list of the works and seating available, schedules and you can pay with credit cards, debit or cash. There are only very few Broadway plays that require the payment is cash only. There is another office in Downtown Brooklyn TKTS.

Another option to see a Broadway musical without paying much, you ask at the ticket office of the theater by the Box Seats. These are seats that usually are located diagonally to the stage, which loses some corner of the work, and that that detail is offered at a lower price. However, it is important to ask to be taught at the box office of the theater level to the seats and see if it really is worth it. In my case, when I went to see Mamma Mia! I paid $ 70 for a Box Seat at the Winter Garden Theatre, 10 rows from the stage and to the right, and in the corner that he saw, never got anything important. That same day, at TKTS asked me $ 189 for the same work, in a seat just in front of the actors, but above. Only a matter of taking the right decision.

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