In Search Of Solace in Majorca

There are sights which withhold that soporific power to make anyone forget everything else, to heal from despair, from hardships, from suffering altogether. And what better can be made of such an opportunity when all such sights are clustered within one geographical bounds. Behold Majorca, an Island of Spain evolved to ebb away any trace of tension for the savvy visitor wishing a haven of solace and peace. Get yourself cheap flights to Spain and explore this marvelous haven.

Formentor Peninsula

A spot where coves of rock, weathered cliffs and rugged coasts leave a desolate environment, the Formenter Peninsula is among the most recommended landmarks for the ones in search of solace. Singular roads lead high atop the series of ridges which perimeter the peninsula, given an open view along the shore. A lighthouse marks one of its pinnacles to provide maritime responsibilities over the open water.

The region is also a bird watcher’s haven for indigenous species.

Camp de Mar

Towards the patch of the coasts where all the glamour of beach vacationing is set forth, the Camp Del Mar consists of a cluster of luxury resorts, restaurants and open air bars. The spot gives a prime opportunity for tourists to mingle in company with various options of beach rides and other family oriented fun activities. Some restaurants are set upon an entire pier protruding from the beach. Many of these resorts have iconic pools, made exclusive for their guests to spend their own time with a swim while basking in the view of the entire front of the beach.

Es Trenc

Es Trenc is primarily based on miles of flat land consisting of a sandy white beach. Certain sections of it have smooth slopes of rock immersing down with the calm, clear blue waters. The shore has a substantial proportion of a shallower basin, allowing visitors to explore without swimming by wading near the sands. A corner has sun lounging facilities with a few umbrellas, apart from which there is not a sign of any building or shop over the entire beach. There’s no sign of shade either, because the entire vicinity is clear of any sort of vegetation, let alone any hills or boulders for that matter. If anyone idealizes a lot of sun for the day out, Es Trenc will accomplish the need without a doubt.

Sant Miquel Valley

The Coves de Campanet is not just a site of study for geologists. Much of the chambers are well lit, leaving visitors to observe through the array of stalactites and stalagmites from top to bottom. Some chambers reserve underground pools of water, left completely still due to no passage of wind in any direction. Not far from the spot, the misty waterfall of Ses Fonts Ufanes streams through thin woodlands. Termed as’the proud springs’, the waterfall is easier to approach because of its shallow nature, and has an unusual display of its texture at certain points of its flow. It seems as if these points have been smoothed out over time, making the water disperse into patterns of smoke over the surface.

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