Need a Boost? Get Taller Now!

What’s the first thing anyone notices about you when they meet you? Whether you’re walking into a restaurant to meet a date or walking into an interview, the answer is the same: it’s your height. Psychologists and scientists alike believe that people gather crucial information about each other during first impressions, regardless of whether or not they are aware of doing so. This means that even though you may be doing everything in your power to appear confident and self-assured during these defining moments, your height may be making more of an impact than your personality is.

Taller individuals may seem more confident because they simply take up more space in a room. If your physical self is impossible to ignore, it’s more likely that your capacity to work hard or be interesting seems larger as well. While good posture, open and communicative body language, and an upbeat tone of voice can all help you to seem more accomplished in an interview or on a date, why not increase your odds of making a great impression? There are certain options readily available on today’s market, such as Add Height insoles, which will reliably make you taller while also boosting your self-esteem and giving you the extra confidence that can make all your goals feel suddenly within reach.

While products such as elevator shoes, which come with built-in, hidden heels, and shoe lifts also give you a couple of added inches, there are reasons lots of people avoid them. The expense of such products should match the service they provide. Though such shoes may have seemed like a big revelation years ago, they now have obvious limitations. You can appear taller in only those specific shoes after you buy them, meaning that you can’t be both tall and appropriately dressed for as many occasions as you’d like. Imagine running into your new coworkers or girlfriend while you’re out doing errands in your regular pair, and realizing that they know your secret. Your investment in one expensive item is totally wasted. You’re much better off buying insoles from a company that knows your struggle, like Add Height, where the products are made to combat these challenges and can slip unnoticed into any shoe so that you have the flexibility of options.

Beware, however, because generic shoe lifts can also pose problems—if they’re made of cheap, low-quality gels and other materials that compress easily, they decrease the amount of height they are originally supposed to give you after a few weeks of wear. Additionally, most of them are not designed to support and stabilize the arches of your feet, meaning that they can cause knee, back, and shoulder pain and throw off the alignment of your spine. Instead of wearing painful shoe lifts that harm your body and give your feet blisters, invest in a pair that are specifically made to support your heel, like Add Height insoles, while properly boosting you by an extra couple of inches of height for years to come.

The best way to stop worrying about whether or not you made a good impression on someone is to feel that extra height under your feet, working to support your heels and strengthen your sense of self.

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