Other than Telling Time, What Else can You Do with a Watch?

The primary purpose of a watch is to tell time. But gone are the days when the only thing we can do with a watch is to tell the time. The dawn of technology came upon us, and the geniuses behind smartwatches thought of things that we otherwise could not think about several decades ago because of the lack of advanced technology. Yes, analogue watches are still very popular these days, and they are more sophisticated and classic than digital and smartwatches. If you own an analogue watch with an Omega Nato strap, you can use it for formal wear and even on casual and laidback days. Smartwatches, on the other hand, are more on the casual side. With today’s technologically advanced watches, what other things can we do with them?


Play music


If your phone and watch share the same operating system, you can sync both devices so that you can also listen to your favourite songs on your watch. You can even create playlists for your watch so you can have a variety of music to listen to. When you are working out, and you want to listen to some music, simply connect your Bluetooth earphones to your watch, and you can listen to your workout music.


Count your steps and calories burned


Smartwatches are this smart: they can tell how many steps you already took, and when you are working out, they can tell how many calories you burned for a specific period. This type of smartwatch that has a health tracker is suitable for people who are conscious of their health.



Monitor your heart rate


Even if you are not in workout mode and you need to know how well your heart is beating, this smartwatch feature can quickly tell you if your heart rate is going up or going down. You can then take the necessary steps to ensure that your heart beats normally.


Surf the Internet


Who could tell that we can now look at the Internet on our watches? Their screens may be small, but they will do if you need a quick look at the Internet. You can even check your social media accounts from your watch.


Connect to your phone


Basically, anything you can do with your phone, you can do with your smartwatch, provided you connect the devices to each other via Bluetooth.


Send and receive text messages and calls


We may look silly to answer and make calls on our watch, but we can actually do that! If your phone is out of your reach but is still within the Bluetooth range and someone calls you, you can answer it using your watch. You can also send and receive text messages.


If you own a smartwatch that can do virtually anything you can think of, you must still possess a classic analogue watch for times when you do not require some of the smartwatch functionalities. Reserve your classic watch for when you need to don formal attire.

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