The Coffee Mug Gets oh So Gorgeous

Did you just get a Gorjuss coffee mug that is gorgeous in the truest sense of the term? Well, then the Internet Gift Store actually offers you a plethora of these items and you are bound to be spoilt for choice.

Coffee mugs happen to be amongst those precious items that are essentially made of a wide range of materials. This includes practically a wide array from plastic to ceramic to glass to metal. They also come in myriad mug designs and shapes. This of course keeps varying depending upon the purpose for which the coffee mug would be used. You also have the option of thermal and travel coffee mugs which help keep the coffee or liquid warm. However, all this is enjoyable until the cleaning part arrives. It is the cleaning bit which you need to master.

Tips to help clean your coffee mug

Here are some tips that you are bound to find effective when cleaning Gorjuss coffee mugs.

1.Wash it right: Warm and soapy water prove to the ideal items with which you can wash your coffee mugs. A small sponge or perhaps a microfiber cloth should be used too. As for the removable liners and lids, then they definitely come up as genuine concerns. However, if they get stained, then you do not really have much of an option but to clean it. You should also wash the pieces in case your coffee mug has a removable liner or lid.

2.Scrub it off: Your Gorjuss mug needs its essential dose of scrubbing. You should scrub away coffee stains with a nonabrasive scrubbing pad ideally. Do not be reckless when it comes to choosing the right scrubbing pad for they are extremely important. You do need to pay special attention to this scrubbing aspect as well. In case it so happens that there is a tough stain involved, then you could try sprinkling baking soda on the pad. After that you can try scrubbing.

3.Vinegar does it: Now, about those stains that just do not seem interested in wearing away, then you need to essentially rinse out the coffee mug first. After that starts the essential trick. You need to fill the mug with distilled white vinegar and then set it aside. The purpose is to let it soak overnight. You should try scrubbing it all over again after that.

4.Thorough rinsing: Detergent residues are essentially known to cause a lot of hassle and that too in case of such a pretty mug. You do not want the girls face wiped off with collection of detergent residue do you? Surely not, so take care accordingly. For the purpose of removing detergent residues, it is important that you rinse the mug thoroughly.

5.Drain it all: Ultimately you need to take care that all the water runs out and for that it is essential that you place the mug in a dish drainer to air-dry. There is also the option of hand drying with a soft, dish towel.

You see if you follow the tips above, then your coffee mug will be as good as new for years and years to come.

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